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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  February 16, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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going and if you had to work downtown you were faced with yet another problem. >> it is the same situation at this hour with everyone trying to head home. earlier today, finding a parking spot no easy chore. >> today was the first day back to work for many people after the latest storm. and you can imagine with all this snow, traffic and parking was a problem. you're looking at traffic at falls road and 44th street as people were making their way to work this morning. with many lanes still blocked with snow, as you can imagine, getting around was a problem. >> very slow moving, bumper-to- bumper all the way down to 95. -- all the way down 295. >> it was like mountains of snow. it was difficult even getting out of my street because i'm on
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a hill. >> it to be an hour and a half to get downtown and it should only take an hour. >> and once you got downtown you had to find a place to park. that was easier said than done. many lots built up early and parking on the street because of the snow was at a premium. >> about 45 minutes to find a parking space, so i was late for my apartment. >> parking was very difficult. -- i was late for my appointment. >> parking was very difficult. >> we got through it. >> you would think with all this snow and the traffic problems, the last thing people would be thinking about is a wedding. but april is from texas and clayton is from west virginia and they actually came to baltimore to get married at the courthouse. >> and you are coming to baltimore to get married? >> yes, sir. if we're on our way now.
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>> any trouble finding parking? >> absolutely, everything is full right now. all the streets still have a bit of snow on them. >> as bad as the traffic might have been for you this morning, imagine what it will be like when school is open. >> do not forget you can sign up to get the latest traffic conditions sent directly to your e-mail or cellphone. you can get current conditions on the route you drive from start to finish and get an alternative route if there's a problem. just go to and click on "rafik." -- "traffic." >> for most kids it will be a gradual return to the books. tim tooten has more. >> among the biggest problems in baltimore county, to dig out school buses and figure out how to keep them moving on narrow and snow-covered sidestreets.
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that is one of the reasons baltimore county is starting late. >> we wanted to have that the laser that children would be able to get to school during daylight hours and so we would avoid morning rush-hour. anything we can do to make sure that travel to and from school is easier and safer, we will do that. >> in howard county, the principal, staff members, and even the county executive were trying to dig out sidewalks near oakland mills high school. >> the community is very concerned and we care deeply about our children. we have got them -- got to get them back to school. >> she came up with the idea and then gave -- got word out by way of the e-mail. >> we had our shovels and we are trying to make things safer for the students to come to school. >> in fact, oakland mills students were among those pitching in. >> [unintelligible]
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>> safety is also a big concern in anne arundel county where parking is among a premium. that is what parents are being asked to drive their children to school, employees to car pool, and for student drivers to leave their cars at home. the word tomorrow is safety, whether you are at the bus stop, walking to school, or behind the wheel. >> year is the latest information that we have on the school closings and delays for tomorrow. frederick county will be closed on wednesday. schools with late openings -- anne a rondo, baltimore county, harford and carroll counties--- anne arundel county, baltimore county, harford and carroll counties will open two hours late. you'll find a complete listing at the bottom of your screen and at our website
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>> the favre reprimand was called early this morning after putting an hour -- the fire department was called early this morning after putting out a fire at a school. there was a fire inside a classroom at the north building. officials said it took them a little more than an hour to bring that plays under control. -- that blaze under control. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. no one was injured. >> with all of the alleys still impassable, service for recycling and trash pickup resumed under extremely different rules. we have the latest on how the new temporary system is working. john? >> this is an unprecedented challenge for the city's department of public works. how that is why they're asking for the public's patience while the rollout these new temporary rules. >> we will make a lane, but we have got to get it out. >> out on the streets today,
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drivers based ice, packed snow, and a population where only half the people got the message, do not put trash in the alley. put it out front. >> do you think people got the message to put it out front? >> some did, some did not. >> take your trash and recycling collections on normal schedule and bring them down to the nearest street or alley and our crews will come collect them. >> the city ask for cancecans oe curb, but whenever it is they're taking it. >> you guys are just taking it? >> we got to stay on the mean streets. >> this is tough work on a normal day, but under these conditions, just staying on your feet is a challenge. >> it is difficult. >> you've got to take your time,
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what would you are doing and be careful. >> we're looking at this as a temporary solution so that we can resume collecting trash and recycling because we know that people have been holding it for a while and we need to pick it up. >> every driver decides whether the streets are safe enough to go to. if you are one that put your trash out and are still looking at it, the best idea is to talk to your neighbor hood association -- your neighborhood association who is in contact with the vw. -- dtw. >> governor mark naamau olen -- gov. martin o'malley and congressman logic cummings teamed up to help -- congressman e. elijah cummings teamed up to help homeowners. >> the governor's bill is considered emergency legislation. it passed by a 3/5 vote in each chamber. it takes effect immediately >>
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governor o'malley and congressman in elijah cummings testified today that the bill requires lenders to try to work up better mortgage terms. the lenders prove they tried to modify a long before closing. and if homeowners feel they're being unfairly denied a loan adjustment, they can appeal by sending a case to a mediator. >> they could not get the mortgage companies to pick up the phone. we believe, and by passing this legislation, we would affirmatively and directly say that if you can pick up a phone to put a family into a home, you should certainly be able to pick up a phone before you can throw a family out of their home. >> there will be a workshop saturday at woodlawn high school. the governor has broad support. however, the court system worries about an onslaught of mediation cases. >> michael busch today
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introduced legislation aimed at combating gang activity in maryland schools. it requires the principles and prosecutors to share confidential information about students suspected of gang activity. the aclu is opposing the measure citing privacy concerns. house speaker bush said his proposal is designed to prevent that type of violence that happened last spring in the beating death of christopher jones. >> this will give the ability for law enforcement organizations like juvenile services, the department of human resources and the board of education the ability to communicate, to identify kids that are in gang-related activities or have some juvenile problems with the law. >> the build plans to expand the number of reportable offenses, require the state to develop a policy for gang intervention, and to have prevention efforts at hand.
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>> there is more news and on 11 news at 6:00. >> no one will confuse this with the miracle on ice. the u.s. hockey team tried to do some -- deliver a smith starred in vancouver. -- deliver a smooth start in vancouver. >> more flurries in the forecast. a pretty nice looking sunset. 32 degrees at the airport, 34 downtown.
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>> as you well know, olympians dedicate years of their lives to their sports. but after competition days are over, then what? >> we kind of wonder about that, don't we?
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there is a new program that helps olympic athletes find careers once they retire. >> many people think olympic athletes make lots of money and after they retire they never have to work again, but that is far from true. in fact, many olympic athletes struggle in the real world once the competition days are over one man could not afford his house and car after its sponsors dropped him because of the weak economy. it is because of athletes like cam that there is a new program. it helps to place them in jobs that can lead to long-lasting careers. >> that is where the athlete can get the career experience, but also, the salary and benefits coverage that they need to help pay for their training expenses. >> i actually have been able to -- i have been given from the program the tools to go out there and create a game plan and not only create it, but execute
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the game plan. >> after he competes in vancouver, he would like to go to crack -- to chiropractic school. >> that brings us to our olympics text question for the day. with the men's hockey question -- hockey competition underway, who do you think will win the gold medal? the number is 88509. standard text messaging rates apply. here's a look at how the voting is shaping up. the 45% are chanting usa, usa. 26% say the canadians. we'll have the results of our poll on 11 news tonight immediately following the olympics. and baltimore city schools have just passed along word they will be opening with a two-hour delay
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all week long. there will be no mourning kindergarten. -- no morning kindergarten. >> >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. an area of low pressure passed right over maryland. the eastern shore pick up an inch of snow. a quarter of an inch to an inch in some spots. about 832 6 inch snowfall in eastern new england where the snow is still, -- about eighta 6 inch snowfall in eastern new england where the snow is still coming down. hd doppler indicated a few flurries in the clouds trying to reach the ground here throughout the evening. do not be surprised if there are flurries tonight and tomorrow. and we did manage to stop me out
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another 10th of an inch of snow officially -- to sneak out another 10th of an inch of snow officially. we are right at the 80 inch mark and still pacing well ahead of these anomalies now we cities like buffalo, chicago, green bay. boston picked up an estimated at 3 inches. cleveland is making ground almost up to chicago, now just an inch away the nearest competitor to us as far as these significant snowy cities go is still 15 inches. buffalo is at 65 inches so far and we are right at the 80 inch mark. 35 for the high today. that is 10 below the normal high of 45, and 40 degrees short of the record high of 75 in 1954. the precipitation on this day in 2003, we were right at the heart of the 2003 blizzard that created 26 to 28 inches of snow around here.
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temperatures are in the 20's stake white, but the rent -- the winds are still brisk. the wind chill -- temperatures are in the 20's statewide, but the winds are still brisk. the wind chill makes it feel like it is in the single-digit or the team spiriteens. there is going to be up to a foot of snow in at the western regions of mountainous maryland. it will be breezy through the evening and low temperatures ranging from 18 to 25. more cold air out of the hudson bay area right down through the lakes and atlantic coming this week. embedded in this flow is a weather disturbance in the upper atmosphere that will come through tomorrow and probably take up more snow flurries and showers.
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this storm looks like it will be shunted to the south and this one might bring a bit of snow sunday into monday snowing now at whistler. it is 49 degrees. wiebelhaus note in our mountains right through tomorrow. -- we will have snow in our mountains right through tomorrow. in western maryland this -- the temperatures will be cold and the snow will be piling up. 24 thursday morning and breezy in the afternoon with a high of 38. right around 40's with a meltdown for friday and saturday. the next chance for snow arrives on sunday into monday. temperatures in the 30's early next week. >> now eleven stores with jerry sandusky. >> struggling through a lack of snow for the vancouver games and now a snowstorm in was there,
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british columbia has wrought havoc. it wiped out the women's practice schedule. in these games, playing indoor event had a whole lot of upside. two-zero usa. up in front of switzerland brian alone turns on the lights, 3-0 at that point. a 3-1 win in his first vancouver game. germany and france both cut into team usa's lead this afternoon. host country canada remains in fourth place overall with four medals. unpredictable weather conditions and the orioles get ready to launch into a far more predictable routine, the start
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of spring training. there will be on the west coast of florida tomorrow. after start -- they will start calling sarasota, fla. home as of tomorrow. -- home as of tomorrow. the white sox and the reds both called this facility home before they moved to spring training facilities. but they have upgraded with major improvements for next year. the church had a strong win over virginia and it keeps maryland right on track for the return trip to the n.c.a.a. the terms are in strong striking good -- position. no mystery for maryland this year, the terps ago as great as vasquez go. 25. in the first half, finished with 34 the game. probably could have had 50 -- 25
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points in the first half, finished with 30 for the game and probably could have had 50 if the coach had not called off the dogs. they traveled to nc state tomorrow night to take on tom tasselmyer's former almaguer. -- alma mater. speaking of tom tasselmyer, he is back with a seven day forecasts and i promise we will not discuss nc state right after this.
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>> yurista we're working on for 11 news tonight. we're learning about the college
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professor that killed 03 people at a faculty meeting. also, are you paying too much for those things in your life? how you can pay less by ju
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>> just a couple of flurries, a few snow showers around here and then quiet for the next seven days or so. >> oh, how boring. [laughter] >> are you ready for another big
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storm? >> no. >> 30's tomorrow and thursday and it should hit a low 40's friday. another storm system could come in sunday to monday and it could produce another inch or two of snow. 36 degrees toward the middle part of next week. temperatures stay pretty chilly, but no big storms on the horizon. >> thanks for joining us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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